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design development

So now we have a concept and an initial layout we need to add the detail.

A priority at this stage is to produce the information contractors need to be able to quote, as well as choosing major items such as kitchens. Even for a small space or single room there is a lot to do to avoid issues later on. We can recommend contractors and suppliers that we know and trust or work with your own preferred professionals.

Contractor drawings are produced using CAD with accurate dimensions and full specifications of what is being proposed drawn up. These are agreed with you and won’t be finalised until we are all happy.

The design and layout will be finalised selecting finishes, colours, fabrics, fittings and furniture which are presented to you on a sample board.  We can also produce visuals in CAD to show how your new space will look - which clients find really useful to explore options. 

Once contractors are on board we start to move from concept to reality.  We still have time for ordering furniture and other items but we keep an eye on lead times so it all happens when it should.

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